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We are pleased to provide our quarterly development update for March 2022.

As Australia enters the post-COVID era, our economy faces new challenges including higher inflation, stabilising house prices, the potential for higher interest rates and the fallout from political events in Europe and Asia.

Capital Prudential’s Diversified Development Fund is structured to overcome these challenges, through a highly diversified range of de-risked residential and commercial property developments in markets which have demonstrated long term stability.

Our residential de-risking process encompasses:

  • Premium suburbs and diversified postcodes
  • Planning approval in advance
  • Minimum pre-sale levels for multi unit developments
  • Long pipeline to balance peaks and troughs
  • NO high rise apartments or urban fringe estates
  • Diversification across builders

Our commercial de-risking strategy includes:

  • Planning and environment approval in advance
  • Long term agreements for lease in place with credit worthy national tenants
  • Highly liquid markets
  • Sale to REIT, institutional and high net worth investors

Since our establishment in 2019, we have now surpassed the milestone of $150m in completed or in-progress developments.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our current investors for your support.  For those interested in quarterly, property backed 8% fixed interest returns, please see further details below.


Address: Gertrude Street, Norwood, Adelaide 
2 Detached Dwellings  

Completion September 2022

Address: Anglesey Avenue, St Georges, Adelaide 
Detached Dwelling  

Completion June 2022

Address: Park Street, Hyde Park, Adelaide
Detached Dwelling  

Completion December 2022

Address: Wooltana Avenue, Myrtle Bank, Adelaide 
2 Semi Detached Dwellings  

Completion August 2022

Address: Beulah Road, Norwood, Adelaide
Commercial Office Building 

Completion December 2022

Address: Stepney, Adelaide
Otto Townhomes Stage One
21 Semi Detached Dwellings 

Completion April 2023

Address: Gawler Terrace, Walkerville, Adelaide
3 Detached Townhouses 

Completion June 2023

Address: Coglin StreetBrompton, Adelaide
20 Semi Detached Dwellings 

Completion February 2024

Address: Watson Avenue, Rose Park, Adelaide
5 Detached Dwellings 

Completion September 2024

Address: Victoria Avenue, Rose Park, Adelaide
13 Apartments

Completion September 2024

Address: Stuart Highway, Stuart Park, Darwin
Service Station Plus Fast Food

Completion August 2022


Address: Stepney, Adelaide
Otto Townhomes Stage Two
40 Semi Detached Dwellings 

Address: Maryvale RoadAthelstone, Adelaide
Mixed Use Commercial & Residential 

Address: Wooltana AvenueMyrtle Bank, Adelaide
3 Detached Dwellings 

Completion 2023

Address: Ruskin StreetByron Bay, New South Whales
Detached Dwelling

Completion 2023


Address: Anglesey Avenue, St Georges, Adelaide
2 Semi Detached Dwellings

Completed 2021

Address: Grandview Grove, DulwichAdelaide
2 Semi Detached Dwellings  

Completed 2021

Address: Inverloch Avenue, Torrens Park, Adelaide
2 Semi Detached Dwellings

Completed 2021

DISCLAIMER: This communication, issued by Capital Prudential Diversified Development Fund Pty Ltd ACN 636 283 219 as trustee (“Trustee”) of the Capital Prudential  Diversified Development Fund (the “Fund”), relates to an offer (“Offer”) to apply for notes (“Income Notes”) issued by the Trustee. Capital Prudential Pty Ltd (the “Fund Manager”) (ACN 634 875 273) has prepared this communication and is a Corporate Authorised Representative of Capital Prudential Funds Management Pty Ltd (CPFM) (ACN 636 279 082, AFSL No. 524725) and is authorised to provide advisory and dealing services in connection with the Fund to wholesale clients only. The Trustee has appointed CPFM as its agent for the purposes of arranging for the offer to issue, vary or dispose of investments in the Fund pursuant to section 911A(2)(b) of the Corporations Act. The Trustee may only issue, vary or dispose of such investments in accordance with CPFM’s offers, provided they are accepted. CPFM does not take any responsibility for the contents of this communication or the performance of the Fund. This communication and the Offer to which this communication relates are only and exclusively available if you are, and by accepting this communication you are representing that you are, a person (“Sophisticated/wholesale Investor”) to whom this Offer does not need disclosure under Part 6D.2 of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) (“Corporations Act”). This communication contains an incomplete description of features of the Fund and Income Notes. The terms of the Income Notes are set out in the Note Deed Poll. The terms of the Fund are set out in the Unit Trust Deed. The Note Deed Poll and Unit Trust Deed (“Transaction Documents”) are available on request from the Trustee and should be considered in conjunction with the Information Memorandum. Investment in the Income Notes is subject to risks including delays in repayment and loss of income and capital invested and is suitable only for potential investors who do not require liquidity for their investments

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