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HAMBS – a leading customer-owned provider of technology solutions to Australia’s private health insurance industry – has announced it has completed the acquisition of fellow Australian healthcare technology company Pacific Health Dynamics (PHD). Based in Sydney, PHD provides integrated, endto-end software solutions to three Australian private health funds – Health Partners, Westfund and
RT Health.

HAMBS CEO Kathryn Hawkins said the acquisition represented a fantastic opportunity for two complementary businesses to come together and enhance their capabilities in servicing Australia’s private health insurance industry.

“Australia’s private health insurance industry is dynamic and constantly changing, which means we must be proactive in strengthening our capabilities to ensure that we continue to meet the current and future needs of our customers,” she said.

“We identified PHD as a business closely aligned to our own objectives as a customer-owned technology solutions provider to Australia’s private health insurance industry and, as such, it is pleasing that we have been able to complete this acquisition.”

“While it will continue to be business as usual for both companies, over time we will look at opportunities that will help strengthen our combined capabilities.”
PHD CEO George Roper said the acquisition by HAMBS will ensure that the company is best positioned to capitalise on growth opportunities presented by its innovative technology solutions.

“When we looked at how the industry is changing and our own future, it made sense for us to align ourselves with HAMBS,” he said.

“HAMBS have skilled staff across software development, customer support, cyber security, industry advocacy and corporate support that we will be able to tap into to strengthen our capabilities and provide us with significantly increased operational support.”

“We are looking forward to continuing to provide our valued customers with the exceptional, personalised service that they are accustomed to, long into the future.”

Following the acquisition, both HAMBS and PHD will remain separate entities, and will continue to operate as usual and service their individual customers. The acquisition will not impact HAMBS’ status as a mutual entity and PHD CEO George Roper will continue in his current role. Capital Prudential Pty Ltd acted as corporate advisor to HAMBS.

About HAMBS:
Based in Adelaide, HAMBS is a customer-owned provider of technology solutions to Australia’s private health insurance industry. HAMBS services more than 20 small-to-medium and mutual funds and boasts a track record of 100% compliance with industry legislation.

Since being founded in 1991, HAMBS continues to advocate for a community-based model for IT, software and compliance designed to enable its customers to focus on their members, not technology.

About Pacific Health Dynamics:
Pacific Health Dynamics (PHD), is a leading provider of end-to-end healthcare technology solutions to Australia’s private health insurance industry. Based in Sydney, PHD services customers Health Partners, Westfund and RT Health. PHD’s integrated software solutions embrace state of the art, modern technologies and are designed to be affordable, flexible and agile to meet each customer’s unique needs.